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C.A UNIT Co., Ltd. is the first company in South Korea that researched and produced “HEATER JACKET” made of PTFE.
Since it’s foundation in 2007, we have focused on development and production of only PTFE HEATER JACKET,
and customized our products to consumers’ various demands. So we are a promising venture which has
many intellectual properties in the related sectors. Introducing PTFE HEATER JACKET to Korean market for the
first time, we have tried to expand into FPD market and now export to various overseas markets including
Japan, Singapore.

C.A UNIT Co., Ltd. is trying to secure the state-of-the-art technologies which would make us surpass our
major competitors.
We are concentrating on development and improvement of our technologies so that our customers
could find our services best in the world, and providing the best consolidated solutions by enhancing
the 5 major areas of our service: price, delivery, technology, quality, and customer service.

Based on the corporate philosophy of self-realization and sustainable development,
our executives and employees alike are doing their best to make this company the one which has
the world-class competitiveness.

Please give us your interest and support.

Thank you.

History of company

2014. 01 Patent registration (Method for making Heating Cover)
2013. 10 ISO 9001 / 14001 Quality & Environment System Certification
2013. 10 CE Certification (DoC, PTFE heater jacket, Max. 200℃)
2013. 08 Started to export PTFE fiber cloth abroad
2013. 03 Trademark registration (castex)
2011. 04 Started to produce PTFE fiber cloth
2011. 03 Certified as Korea Venture Corporation (No.20110101188)
2010. 11 Started to supply PTFE heater jacket to Hynix Semiconductor
2009. 01 Started to supply PTFE heater jacket to Samsung Semiconductor
2007. 08 Started to produce PTFE heater jacket
2007. 06 C.A UNIT CO., LTD Established (Capital: USD100,000)


Address #D-608-1, Bundang Techno-park, 230, Yatamnam-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel 82-31-8016-7661~2
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